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March 13, 2011
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The stars illuminated the night, only to be out shone by the moon's glow. A beautiful night. Somewhere, someone wasn't really enjoying it though.

Far away from the gym, she sat at the fountain, hugging her knees. Her head down, she silently sobbed.

She heard footsteps and felt a presence over her, but still remained curled up. Nonetheless, the figure, didn't move, simply just staring at her.

"Isabella… are you okay?"

This life don't last forever (hold my hand)

She didn't bother answering, So he sat down on the edge of the fountain with her.  "C'mon Isabella, say something."

So tell me what you're waiting for (hold my hand)

Finally she lifted her head, her hair falling in front of her face. "Leave me alone, Phineas…. I don't wanna talk."

"That's okay… we don't have to talk." He moved closer to her. "We can just sit here… if that's okay with you?"

We're better off being together (hold my hand)

Isabella didn't answer and glued her eyes to the floor. Phineas watched her for a few minutes in silence, hearing nothing but the flowing water from behind them.  

Being miserable alone (hold my hand)

"I feel like such an idiot."

"C'mon, you're not an idiot."

"Yes I am..." Her head sunk back to her knees. "I should have known… I'm probably the most pathetic person in the world right now."

"Actually, I think he's the pathetic one right now."

Cause I've been there before
and you've been there before,
but together we can be all right

Isabella moved her eyes from the floor to Phineas. "If you're going to start saying how I'm a great girl and that he was stupid to dump me, I don't wanna hear it. I doubt it would make me feel better, anyway."

"Well, that's not what I was gonna say, but I guess I could try that." Phineas reached over and took Isabella by the hand, causing her to face him.

Cause when it gets dark
and when it gets cold,
we hold each other till we see the sun light

"Isabella…you are a amazing person. You're smart, funny, you don't let anything ever get in your way and you're…beautiful." With his free hand, he delicately a moved strand of hair out of her face. "Really beautiful. Anyone who wants to give that up is either blind, or just a complete idiot…" Slowly, his fingers traced over the back over her hand.

Hold my hand (baby I promise that I'll do)
All I can (things will get better if you just)
Hold my hand (nothing will come between us if you just)
(Hold) Hold my, hold my, hold my hand (hold my hand)

"So… did that help?"

Speechless, Isabella cracked a weak smile "Yeah…. A little a bit" She looked down and noticed that his hand was still on top of hers. Slowly she flipped it over and gently squeezed his hand, giving herself a larger smile. She didn't know why, but it made her feel better. She looked up at Phineas, who apparently didn't seem to mind, and even squeezed back.

The nights are getting darker (hold my hand)

"Shouldn't you go back inside?" she asked, curious.

"Not if you wont. Besides, I don't think there'd be a point, seeing how I'm dateless and all."

And there's no peace... inside (hold my hand)


"Oh yeah, you missed it. My date kinda broke up with me."

So why make our lives harder (hold my hand)

"She dumped you? Why?"

"Well…"  I guess she didn't take too kindly to me punching out her cousin."

By fighting love, (tonight baby)

Isabella's eyes widened "You didn't…"

Phienas gave a sly grin. "Hey, I had to do something to that jerk."

Isabella giggled. "So that's what you meant by pathetic."  Phineas smiled back and slowly, his eyes wandered back down to their hands… shouldn't he have let go by now?

Cause I've been there before
and you've been there before,
but together we can be all right (yeah)

Cause when it gets dark
and when it gets cold,
we hold each other till we see the sun light (so we can just)

He looked back and could see the smile on her face. Instantly, he flashed back to before, watching them argue, seeing her run out of the gym in tears, seeing that cruel grin appear on his face. Now, she was smiling again, and something was telling was telling him as long as he held on, she would stay that way. Besides… he actually seemed to enjoy it.

Hold my hand (baby I promise that I'll do)
All I can (things will get better if you just)

How could you explain what they were feeling? For Isabella, she felt safe, calm. Almost… happy. It made her feel better, like she was never going to be sad again. Right now, she might as well have been floating on cloud nine.

Phineas was a little more complex. He felt… Warm. It made him think of all of those times before when it was just him and her alone, together. He liked the feeling, not wanting to lose it. So they both kept holding on.

Hold my hand (nothing will come between us if you just)
(Hold) Hold my, hold my, hold my hand (hold my hand)

Music softly flowed from inside the gym out through the doors and to their ears. Grining, Phineas stood up and faced her. "Do you wanna dance?"

I can tell that you're tired of being lonely
Take my hand, don't let go, baby hold me

Reluctant at first, but she gave in and let Phineas pull her to her feet. At this point, Phineas could finally see her completely, and he had to admit, She did look beautiful.

Come to me and let me be your one and only
Cuz I'll make it all right till the morning

They started to dance, neither of them letting go. Slowly, they began to twirl in circles. Isabella moved closer as they danced and Phineas slid his arm around her waist. She placed her arm on his shoulder, her hand around his neck. They began to gently sway, their interlocked hands falling to the side, still holding on, still not letting go.

She laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes, simply taking in the moment. Smiling, he did the same and rested his head on top of hers.

They each tightened their grip on one another, while continuing to twirl under the moonlight. Every once in a while, Isabella would let out a small sigh of content, happy that she wasn't still sitting at the fountain.

Hold my hand (baby I promise that I'll do)
All I can (things will get better if you just)

The music stopped flowing, signaling the song's end, and they stopped. Isabella lifted her head and her eyes slowly wandered down to their hands. After all this time, still together. Finally, she let go, much to Phineas's dismay. Surprisingly, she placed it around his neck, connecting with her other hand.

He took his arm and placed it around her waist, just like with his other arm, and held her tight. Their foreheads pressed together, they stared into each other's eyes.

Hold my hand (nothing can come between us if you just)

Phineas leaned forward, and so did Isabella. Closer and closer until…

(Hold) Hold my, hold my, hold my hand (hold my hand)


Startled, Phineas jolted back and looked around for wherever the noise came from. Giggling, Isabella took his hand again. "Relax…" She motioned to a nearby car, "I called her... To pick me up."

Hold my hand (yeah, yeah,)
All I can (yeah, yeah,)

"Oh…" Phineas sighed, hoping that she could stay longer. Sadly, he let go again. "Well... good night Isabella."

"Good night, Phineas... And thank you." Isabella smiled and gently kissed his cheek "…For everything." With that, she turned and headed to the car.

Hold my hand
Hold my hand
Nothing can come between us if you just (hold)

When she was gone, Phineas put his hand to where Isabella had kissed him. After a few seconds he brought his hand in front of his face and looked at it. He smiled and gently closed it, almost like if Isabella's hand was still there, holding on.

Hold my (hold)
Hold my, (hold)
Hold my hand (hold)
Hold my hand

"Anytime, Isabella… Anytime" He whispered.  Smiling, he turned and began to make his way back to the gym. Ferb wouldn't have expected him to be gone this long.

Hold my hand…

Hold my hand ~ Michael jackson [link]

It's done! :iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3:

My attempt at a songfic. No flames please, this was my first time doing something like this and I'm kind of proud of how it turned out. :)

Oh yeah, I probably should have pointed this out earlier, but they're in Highschool ^^; Sorry if you assumed otherwise

I question if i should ever do this again, Songfics aren't exactly my forte...
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